Vienna EUDC 2015

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From August 2nd to 8th 2015, Debattierklub Wien will host the European Universities Debating Championship (EUDC).

After EUDC Berlin 2006 and WUDC Berlin 2013, this event marks the 3rd time that a VDCH-club hosts one of the two most prestigious annual debating tournament in the world. For this event, approximately 1000 participants and volunteers from over 25 countries will gather in Vienna for one week to find the new European Champions. The tournament will be held in the British Parliamentary (BP) format and there will be a Grand final as well as an ESL-Final.

Debattierklub Wien was founded in 2004, initially focusing solely on German language debating. In 2009, the society started debating in English as well and in 2011, it hosted the first ever international debating tournament in Austria, the Vienna intervarsity. Since then, Debattierklub Wien has no only become more and more active and successful in competitive debating but also proven itself as a very capable host.

Debattierklub Wien has held various tournaments in the past years which enjoy an excellent international reputation. Most notably, it hosted the ZEIT-Debatte Wien 2010, the Vienna intervarsity 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 as well as the Vienna Fresher’s 2013 and 2014. As a consequence, Debattierklub Wien’s application to host the European Championship of 2015 was unanimously accepted by the European Debating Council.

Vienna EUDC will without a doubt be the society’s greatest challenge so far. However, a group of inspired and dedicated young people is determined to make it an unforgettable experience for each and every participant.


Hard Facts:

Host                            Debattierklub Wien, Debattierklub Wien EUDC GmbH

Dates                           2nd to 8th of August 2015

Participants               ~1000

Convener                    Stefan Zweiker

CAs                              Christine Simpson, Michael Shapira

DCAs                           Amanda Moorghen, Emilia Carlqvist, Gavin Illsley

Venue                          Campus of the Vienna University of Economics and Business




Hashtag                      #ViennaEUDC