In the year of the European Elections, Bürger Europas e.V., the Association of German Speaking University Debating Societies (VDCH) and international partners organise a series of public debates between politicians, experts and young Europeans about key issues of European politics.

The events will be conducted as Oxford-style debates following a pro-contra approach. This allows to bring experts and audience easily into contact and to facilitate active participation. Within the innovative structure of a debate, the issues of European politics can be addressed in an intensive as well as interactive way.

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The project focuses on the cooperation of debating clubs from 8 European countries: the overall 22 debates will be conducted by the clubs of the VDCH in Germany, Austria, Italy, Sweden and France, as well as three European partners, Habla y Debate Spain,  IDEA Netherlands and the Poland Debates Foundation, coordinated by Bürger Europas e.V.. Moreover, a preparatory meeting was held in Berlin, reflecting the transnational relevance of the European Elections.

These “European Debates” are going to be employed under the flag of the “Klartext Europa”-debates in German-speaking clubs, to continue the brand already established in 2013 in cooperation between Bürger Europas e.V. and the VDCH. A corresponding translation is used in non-German-speaking countries; format and design are coherent.

Next to the debates themselves, a great emphasis is put on publicity in the press, online and in social media. Thus, the effect of the individual events is going to be multiplied and will contribute to the political discourse beforehand and in the aftermath of the European Elections.

The questions that will be dabated are:

  • Green Europe – Should we always put ecology before economic growth?
  • Is a European Youth Guarantee with subsidized jobs and trainings the right way to fight youth unemployment?
  • A Debt Union via euro-bonds – Do we need common bonds for the Euro zone?
  • No growth in sight? – Should we end the austerity policy in Europe?
  • The EU as a Social Union – Do we need common standards for the European welfare systems?
  • Should the EU accept Russia’s annexation of the Crimea?
  • Refuge Europe – Do we need a more welcoming asylum policy?

Debates in Austria, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Sweden

Together with our international partners, we will conduct the European Debates in the respective national language where they will take place. The following timetable will be completed successively. (For the debates in Germany, see Termine in Deutschland)


  • 08.05.: Salzburg
    Guest speakers: MdEP Angelika Werthmann (Non-Inscrit) & Michel Jäger, Board Member of the Friedrich August von Hayek Institute
    Announcement \\ Debating Society \\ Article
  • 03.11: Badajoz
    Guest speakers: MP Ignacio Sánchez Amor and Miguel Ángel Bernal (PSOE) & Francisca Rosa Romero and Ezequiel Valentín Doblado (PP)
    Announcement \\ Debating Society \\ Video
  • 07.11.: Nancy – CANCELLED due to the dissolution of the Debating Society
    Guest speakers: MEP Nathalie Griesbeck (UDI) & MEP Edouard Martin (PS)